Friday, February 20, 2009

The sun's out, anyway

Here are a few pics from our bicycle ride with Pogo and Brilly, yesterday evening, followed by Cookbook Night.

Mt Baker, just barely visible, with the pink setting sunlight on it. This and the next pic is the hill "the ladies" grazed last year. A new batch will be there soon, I bet.

Another attempt to catch the swans (they're the white flecks). Canada in the way background.

Brady, the developer who sold us our house, and has a spec house he's trying to sell up the road, stopped on the road to chat while we were out, and pointed out the coyotes trying to hunt the geese and swans. We could clearly see three coyotes casting about near the trees. He says they never catch them, though. Well, coyotes are smarter than that. If they're still trying, it's because the effort has been rewarded at least once!

Back home, here's little Coco in a sunbeam. Cause she doesn't get much press, though she deserves it! <3

Cookbook Night! My turn. These are oven-roasted brussels sprouts. They were a lot tastier than they look! Imagine, voluntarily eating brussels sprouts! This was the first time I ever cooked them, I think. H's son, Peter, has made them for group meals a couple times, and they were goooood. I should have asked for details, but these turned out yummy, anyway. Tossed in a little olive oil, seasoned liberally, a little nutritional yeast, roasted at 420' for ... a little while, turned over once.

Here we have the main dish. These are vegetable rolls, like cinnamon rolls, but filled with wine-sauteed veggies and toasted pecans, lots of parsley tossed in after the sautee. They were tasty, but a little dry. A balsamic reduction would have made a good glaze, or even just some marinara drizzled on, or something. I used a fat replacement concoction for the dough (made from pectin and fruit; tasted a little like apple butter by itself), which the jury is still out on. I'd try these again, though. I might leave the dough part a little thicker, or add some fat and keep it thin. Or put in more filling. It's a work in progress.

Here are three gratuitous pictures of J's cousins, Wabi and Pogo, playing around in the studio.

It's a wonder I get anything done at all!


  1. actually YOU are the wonder! thank you more than words can express for sharing--it's keeping me close. ummmmmm hugshugshugs!!!

  2. Oh, I didn't say anything on this - but seeing Coco kitty was a treat. Your veggie rolls look interesting, but geesh, go ahead and use some olive oil! xooxoxo


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