Wednesday, February 18, 2009

In no particular order, here we have a shopping trip to Cost Cutter in Blaine...

Another look at the swans in the meadow. They were not too happy about me slowing down for a better look, either. Notice how some are greyish and others are white? We think the grey ones are immature. They are SO big!

A shadow! That means there's sunlight! Aaaahhhh! Sun!

Here we have Happy (and Brilly) being alert for tiny critters in the grass. Happy is quite the little hunter, or would be if we let her!

Today is cool, with nice sun mostly. Yeay! H and I are discussing our garden for the year, planning to make it much bigger, fencing it in, adding some more fruit and nut trees, blueberries, lots of greens, potatoes, tomatoes (the holy grail for us: edible tomatoes grown here!)... trying to take more advantage of all this land in ways that will help us keep our budget in hand. There are two red chard plants that have struggled through the winter, to my surprise. They are hugging the inhospitable ground with little, crumpled, new butterfly wing-leaves.

H hurt his knee playing with the dogs last night. :( Considering his messed up other knee, he's pretty worried that he's going to lose mobility before we can afford medical care (like knee replacement or ligament replacement). In the mean time, he's trying to be sensible, taking arnica and aspirin, and crossing his fingers. Hopefully, it's just a strange sprain or something, and will just get better on its own. Join me in hoping!! :)

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