Monday, June 09, 2008

Well, hi there!

I suppose you didn't think you'd be seeing me again, here, eh? Well! Just goes to show you!

I see my first post is sadly out of date. That's time for you, eh?
What's most important to catch you up on?

Since my first post, I've added two more greyhounds to the family. In the first picture, you can see Brilly and two of my three cats; Rowdy (the black cat) and Meepy (flamepoint siamese, mostly).

My beloved chimera, Wabi, came next. She's a unique little being. She's a greyhound, but she's pretty deformed, inside and out, so she was never able to race. Heck, she could barely walk when she first came to us. She tripods around just fine, now, but she was pretty weak at first. I saw her picture on Greytalk and somehow KNEW she was MY dog. It was a desperate moment of love at first sight, like seeing my heart mysteriously transported to a place outside my body. I had to figure out how to get my heart back in my body. People I never met worked together to make that happen, and now I can hold her, talk to her, and clean up after her all I want!

That's us the first time we met, in her foster mom's office.

Wabi's her own whole story, but maybe I'll do that later.

Wabi's unique little face.

Then there was Pogo. Pogo came to me because of Wabi.
Pogo was 9 months old when two people sent me his picture because he reminded them of Wabi. He had gotten his nose chomped by an adult dog in the kennels, and it had deformed his upper jaw so that it looked superficially like Wabi's deformed short snoot. He's also a spotty boy, but red and white, not brindle and white (like Wabi). Anyway, one thing led to another, and the boy joined the family. He's been a HUGE challenge, with some fear aggression and LOTS of energy, but two years later, we're starting to really see consistent progress. There were those who said we'd never make it to this point, and that we should rehome him, but here he is, and we do love that maniac boy! Wabi and Pogo are great buddies, and love to wrestle and compete in snorting and snoring contests. :P

(This is from a tutorial I did on using Artrage2.)

Last but not least, Happy came to us just last fall. My dear husband suddenly was struck by the plight of retiring senior brood moms after we helped with a greyhound adoption haul that had a couple old gals in it on their way to Canada. Happy was home a week later! Turns out, she's both Wabi's and Pogo's aunt. Their's is a very big family! LOL! Shortly after we got her, she had to have about 1/2 of her teeth pulled, which was painful for her and scary for us, but once she recovered she was able to eat much more comfortably, and now puts away as much as Brilly, which is impressive because she's about 3/4 his size!
That's our girl giving a kiss to my hubby, with Meepy the cat trying to make sure he's not left out of any of the pictures!

So, that leaves Coco, the invisible kitty. She's too shy to be plastered all over the internet, so I'll respect her privacy and leave her out of it. ;)

That's all for now! I'm going to bed.

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